Water Damage Advertising: Understanding CTR

Category: How-to • January 17, 2023

Google Ads is an essential form of water damage advertising. And if you manage your own Google Ad account, you pay special attention to each ads’ Click Through Rate (CTR).

How does Google define CTR?

water damage advertising

A high CTR means that users find your ads helpful and relevant to what they are searching for. It’s also the piece of information that identifies whether the keywords are relevant to the phrases you are bidding on. If your keywords are relevant and your ad is written in a way that distinguishes it as a residential or commercial water damage ad, then you shouldn’t be getting irrelevant clicks. If you are repeatedly getting clicks such as “water damage Galaxy S10,” this indicates that you need to add additional negative keywords. These are words, when searched, that will not allow your ad to be displayed. Pro-tip: your negative keyword list is just as important as your “regular” keyword list.

Google considers anything above a 1% Click Through Rate a good indicator, but remember, the higher the CTR, the better. However, If your CTR is under 1%, this is a definite problem and an indicator that your keywords are much too broad. At United Restorers, we aim for a minimum CTR of 3.5%. More than a decade of testing ad-copy ensures our clients use only high-quality ads. We break up each campaign into ad groups and those ad groups have key phrases that we bid on that “live” inside each campaign. In the fire damage campaign, fire damage keywords exist. In the water extraction campaign, only water extraction keywords, etc. Additionally, all of the ads are written to reflect the way a person would typically search for that particular service.

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