Custom Package

Customized Advertising Solutions

Whether you have three locations or three hundred, United Restorers can customize an advertising solution to your needs

Multi-unit systems, whether centrally-owned or part of a franchise, deserve the same attention to detail as a sole location. Unfortunately, many marketers force multi-unit clients into a “one size fits all” solution.

Because of our extensive experience working with franchise systems and multi-unit operators, United Restorers will craft an advertising strategy that suits your system’s needs — both practically and financially.

PPC Management

Complete PPC management using United Restorers’ proven methodology and more than a decade of experience. Your ad budget can be customized and billed per location or billed as a whole. Ad budgets are at your discretion and can change with your business. See how each location is performing month over month with our easy to understand reports.

Social Media Management

Proactive social media management by a company that understands restoration and the challenges of standing out in your community. Click the button below to learn more about our social media marketing philosophy.

Customer Review Engine

An easy to use customer review engine by SoTellUs (billed separately), because great reviews are what separate you from your competition.

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We don’t like prescribing before we diagnose, so let’s chat and see what solutions might fit your brand.

Why Choose

United Restorers?

Flat Monthly Pricing

A flat monthly fee + an AdWords budget you’re comfortable with.

Control Over Leads

No middle man! You take the call directly.

Unlimited Leads

No more throttling of lead volume or closed auctions.

Powerful Branding

Imagine your company’s website in the #1 spot, 24hrs a day!

Increased Traffic

Bring clients into your sales environment — not a generic one.

Consistent Leads

Our efforts ensure you stay at the top of Google’s first page.

We Offer

Consistent Leads

The cost of Water Damage Leads are at an all time high. Did you know that most Lead Generation companies charge a minimum of $300 per phone call? In some markets, water damage leads average $750 per lead. This is crazy! How much more profitable could you be if your per job cost was under $150? Stop paying astronomical referral fees!

United Restorers creates and manages online advertising efforts for your website, ensuring your website stays at the top of Google’s first page. When a potential client searches for “water damage repair”, they’ll find your website. Using Google Ads, United Restorers creates a consistent stream of water damage and restoration work for you — month after month.