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United Restorers?

Vast Restoration Experience

Over two decades of combined restoration experience.

Hundreds of Start-ups Launched

We’ve helped launch Restoration startups since 2009.

We Understand the Franchisor & Franchisee Relationship

We’re determined to enhance the Franchisee’s relationship with and the perception of the Franchisor.

Powerful Branding

Grow Your National Footprint With Advertising that Works.

Brand New to Seasoned Veteran: We’ve Worked With Them All

We’ve managed brands that generate a few hundred thousand in revenue annually to those that generate $150M+.

We Know Franchising. We Know Restoration. We Know Advertising.

We’ve worked on all sides of restoration: from the field to executive management within a franchisor.

Take control of your network’s future today.

A Contrary Approach

Since 2013, our approach to advertising has been contrary to strategies used by “traditional” firms. Traditional advertising firms treat Restoration clients just as they would online retailers, law firms, business services providers, etc. And using a traditional advertising strategy for a Restorer never works. Working with a firm who understands franchise advertising — within the context of Restoration — is essential.

With over a decade of managing advertising accounts for Restorers, we know the behavior of a customer — faced with a flood or other emergency in their home or business — is radically different from the behavior of a customer simply shopping for shoes or for a handyman.

We design and manage advertising accounts with one goal in mind: maximizing conversions. Clicks, impressions, CTR, etc. are all important metrics, but, at the end of the day, the most important metric for your Franchisee is the return.

From Our Founder

My name is Jon Grubb. As a younger man, I worked in the field for a Restoration & Reconstruction company. But I truly fell in love with Restoration while working as the Vice President of Operations for a nationally recognized Restoration Franchisor. I left the franchising world in 2013 to build United Restorers. As the name states, Restoration has been the lifeblood of our business since Day 1. And, while our client base now come from all sorts of industries and verticals, Restoration remains at the heart of what we do.

Over the last 15 years, I have talked to thousands of Restorers. My company has helped hundreds and hundreds of Restorers launch, grow and thrive. I also co-founded the Alliance of Independent Restorers, a trade group that seeks to educate and grow owner-operators at all stages of their professional development.

We’re not just “a marketing company”. We understand Restoration — with all its highs and lows — better than most. We’ve managed advertising budgets of hundreds and hundreds of thousands. We understand franchising, its pros and cons, and we are just as selective about who we work with as you are.

We’re eager to get to know and grow with you, your team and your Franchisees.

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