A desire for a

Different way

United Restorers was borne out of frustration — a desire to see things done a different way — the right way. Franchise Systems, high-cost Lead Generation and Preferred Vendor Programs have made it nearly impossible for independent restoration companies to compete – and thrive. We change that for our clients.

Through multiple marketing efforts, we put you, the Restorer, in charge of your leads, creating an environment where your local brand grows.

At United Restorers

We Believe In...

  • Your Freedom

    We believe independent restoration and mitigation companies should be free to do what they do best, not bogged down with trying to make the phone ring.

  • Your Leads

    We believe your company should own incoming leads from start to finish; we are not a referral service. We become an extension of your Sales/Marketing Teams.

  • Your Brand

    We believe in promoting your local brand above all else; customers find YOU, not us.

From the



Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your eagerness in wanting to grow your business as well as your desire to learn more about what we do. If you’ll give me a few minutes, I’d like to share with you why I started United Restorers and why I’m confident I can help take your business to the next level.

For several years I served as the Vice President of Operations for a Restoration Franchisor. During this time, I recruited and launched more than two dozen franchised locations. I trained dozens of owner/operators and branch managers and countless employees. On a national scale, I developed multiple technology systems as well as training, marketing & compliance programs — most of which are still in use today.

On paper, franchising looks good. In practice, however, the promised support rarely justifies the high cost of being a franchisee.

Franchisee fees, royalties, branded merchandise and other contractual obligations to the Franchisor can equal hundreds of thousands of dollars. And then there’s the potential for brand-suicide: the process of one bad franchisee smearing a national-name. When I left franchising, I knew there must be a way of supporting Restorers without the burdens a franchise system creates.

By 2011, and in parallel with the Franchise issues I had observed, Water Damage Lead Generators were popping up left and right. Each one had their own (bad) pricing model: a percentage of the job or a per-call or per-lead price. I write in detail about the danger of Lead Generators here. As predicted, Lead Generators are now scrambling for other ways of generating water damage leads while still turning a profit. In the meantime, their rates continue to increase…

you may be asking yourself

What's the alternative?

Is there a better way? We tackled these questions by looking at the needs most Restorers have:

Restorers need the phone to ring.

Restorers need to grow their brand’s identity within their local market.

Restorers need the same tools mega franchises and Lead Generators use without the strings attached.

Restorers need to be enabled to tackle the “big stuff” if they so choose.

United Restorer’s


I began work in the construction industry at the age of 16 — working for my dad. More than twenty years later, I can confidently say I know the industry very, very well. Along the way, I’ve honed other skills that have helped my clients grow their businesses substantially. United Restorers’ support typically becomes 35-65% of our client’s annual revenue. And our total costs hover around 8% of our client’s average monthly revenue.

Put another way, we show good returns.