Water Damage Advertising: How to Use Ad Schedules

Category: How-to • January 13, 2023

How do you make the most of the dollars you spend with your Water Damage Advertising? Unless you happen to live in a sparsely populated area and can afford to monopolize the top ad positions most of the time, running your ads 24 hours a day is not the ideal approach. Since this is unlikely, we at United Restorers recommend a heavily modified ad schedule with Time of Day Targeting. Our recommendation is based on a decade of behind the scenes information gathering and experience managing Google Ad accounts.

Primetime for ads in the water damage restoration industry is in the evening hours during the weekdays and waking hours on the weekends. Friday afternoons and Monday mornings are especially important times to have ads running. A good example of an effective after-hours schedule would be one that catches customers when they are coming home from work and first discovering a water emergency. This window is what we consider the “golden hour” for running your ad campaigns. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, start ads early and run them through at least early evening. Many property owners assume their carrier is not available on weekends, and will look for help online.

We recommend that you avoid running ads on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Historically speaking, this is often when marketers are looking for those with an ad budget to spend. It’s unlikely that they are clicking on your ad, however, they are checking search results and making phone calls based on those results in an effort to gain your business.  

Using Time of Day Targeting and not your daily budget to control your account allows you to more effectively regulate your spends while reaching your intended audience.

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