Targeting Plumbers with Geofencing

Category: Geofencing • February 22, 2024

Target Plumbers Using Geofencing

In the restoration world, having a good relationship with plumbers can really help your business grow. Plumbers often find water damage first, and having them refer you can mean more jobs. That’s where we come in. At United Restorers, we’ve developed a strategy that uses geofencing to make these connections, ensuring that your business remains the top choice for plumbers when they come across water damage. Here’s a closer look at our approach.

Geofencing: Finding the Plumbers in Your Market

Geofencing lets us send special ads to plumbers right when they’re at places like supply stores or job sites. It’s like drawing an invisible line around these spots. When plumbers cross it, we know they’re there, and that’s our cue to start showing them your ads.

Ads That Speak to Plumbers

The ads we create are all about showing plumbers the benefits of working with you. We talk about the perks you offer, like bonuses for referrals, and how partnering with you makes their job easier. Our goal is to make sure they see the value in sending water damage jobs your way.

Reaching Plumbers on All Their Devices

People use lots of different devices these days, from phones to laptops. Our ads reach plumbers on whatever device they’re using. This way, we make sure they’re seeing your message no matter what they’re doing, which helps keep your business on their mind.

Why Targeting Plumbers with Geofencing Works

This isn’t just throwing your message out there and hoping for the best. It’s about targeting the right people—plumbers—who can really make a difference for your business. By focusing on them and showing the benefits of teaming up with you, we’re more likely to get them to refer you.

Partnering with United Restorers

Our expertise in digital marketing, specifically geofencing, makes us the ideal partner for restoration businesses looking to grow their connections with plumbers. We handle the complexities of digital advertising, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing top-notch restoration services.

With United Restorers, you’re not just getting a marketing service; you’re gaining an ally dedicated to helping your business grow through stronger plumber partnerships. Let’s collaborate to make your restoration business the go-to choice for plumbers in your area.

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