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Category: • June 23, 2020

After having some success with the ‘pay per call’ outfits I wanted to grow my online business.  I had an Adwords account and was spending somewhere around $1500/mo but with limited results.

I knew my ad with the pay per call guys sitting atop the Adwords page (I could see them) and that was fine, and I was going to get the call (for $350).  All the while my personally managed Adwords link was sitting at the bottom of the page with no action.

So, I found United Restorers.  With the mantra “If you’re not first, you’re last” we decided to pick off the the #1 position.

(Had to tweak my website to get it ready for the campaign; $2k investment)

Our spend: $4250/mo

Month 1: quiet, I didn’t expect anything (I wasn’t getting results previously anyway).  Confirmed 1 MIT made back investment.

Month 2: Better, nothing earth-shattering.  Probably doubled to tripled our investment.

Month 3: Landed a Commercial loss on a Friday ($30k) and another the following Monday for $16k (MIT value only).

On month 4 now.

We paid for the entire year in a week.

  1. Have your website ready
  2. Be willing to do it for 90 days (or don’t do it)
  3. You have to answer the phone and close the job.
  4. We paid for the entire year in a week.

True story.

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