Is Your Water Damage PPC Working? Let’s Check!

Category: How-to • January 9, 2023

You may have hired a company like United Restorers to manage your Water Damage PPC ads. If this is the case but you’re not seeing the results that you had anticipated, there are steps that you can take to more closely monitor your progress. 

DO THIS: ask your Water Damage PPC management company for a “Search Term Report.” This is not the same as a “Keyword Report.” A Search Term Report will tell you exactly what people are searching to find and click on your ad. This includes misspellings, typos, and even the “essay” style searches that people often use to find what they’re looking for on Google. If you manage your Water Damage PPC yourself, watch the video below to learn how to generate this report. Generally speaking, search terms have become much more conversational in recent years as we’ve become trained to speak full sentences into our phones and get the results we want. 

At United Restorers, what we often find when we look at an account’s Search Term Report is that the terms that are there have little or nothing to do with the water damage industry. This doesn’t mean that your management company is doing a poor job or is being deceptive. More likely, the company isn’t familiar with our industry. 

Asking for a Search Term Report from your Water Damage PPC management company is a great way to look behind the curtain and determine how people found your ad in the first place. This information can provide a great basis for adding and eliminating key words and phrases so that you are omitting bogus searches and reaching your target audience most effectively.

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