How We’ll Grow Your Renewal Business

Social Media Marketing

No one cares about what your business does. This is the hard truth of promoting your business on Facebook and Instagram. All social media is noise that fights for your attention. But since most of us regularly use Facebook or Instagram (and some of us have a rather unhealthy addiction to it), we’d be wise to ask ourselves: “Which noise do we give our attention to?” More often than not, we engage with, we become captivated by good stories.

Rather than talking about the science of textiles restoration or the benefits of hiring a reputable Contents company, your brand’s social media should tell good stories.

At United Restorers, we create and post social media content that falls into one of four categories: Culture, Goodwill, Victories and Products/Services. We rotate these categorical posts, and we never over-post. Our clients see post engagement and followers skyrocket after just a few months of consistent, on-brand (and engaging) content. You can learn more about our social media philosophy here.

Pros: Low Cost, Builds Brand Awareness, Strengthens Employee & Client Loyalty

Cons: Requires Consistency & Management, Not a Strong Lead Generator


You’re probably familiar with the term, but let’s define geofencing in its simplest terms. Geofencing draws a virtual border around a county, city or neighborhood. Anyone entering into this geofenced virtual border is added to an advertising database. Once a user is in the database we — and advertisers like us — can send ads to the user’s phone, computer or television.

Our geofencing technology goes one step further: we can draw virtual borders around specific buildings.

So let’s think use-cases: most of you regularly market to Restoration companies. The old way of doing this (the analog way) requires frequent visits from sales teams, handouts, lunches and general hob-knobbing. These tactics are good. They’re tried and true. But what if you could digitize these efforts for a fraction of the cost?

By geofencing a Restorer’s business address, we can send ads to their devices, keeping your brand in front of them and top-of-mind. There’s little to no wasted ad spend, and ads themselves are cheap: $3.50 per 1,000 views (CPM). Combined with your current analog efforts, this makes you a marketing dynamo.

Our second use-case targets commercial clients directly. For those of you in locations with frequent severe weather, you know the potential a hurricane, tornado or wildfire brings. Targeting hotels or government buildings keeps your brand in front of key referral partners for pennies.

We regularly hear clients who use geofencing say: “My customers tell me: ‘You guys are everywhere! Your business has gotten so big since we last spoke!’.”

Learn how our Restoration clients use Geofencing to target Plumbers.

Pros: Exceptionally Low Ad Cost, Some of the Most Precise Branding One Can Do, Builds Credibility

Cons: Significant One-Time Setup Fee, 3-4 Week Deployment On Average 

Pay Per Click

When a client or referral partner needs you, it pays to be found. For the past ten years, we’ve made sure our clients are found using search engine pay per click (PPC) ads. PPC ads are the first results shown at the top of Google (and Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) When a Restorer needs a contents or textiles restorer, we must make sure they find “Renewal Claim Solutions” at the top of Google. Similarly, we must make it just as simple for potential commercial clients. We regularly use this maxim:

If you are the best at what you do in your marketplace, you have an obligation to be found by clients when they need you.

Did you know the Restoration industry (water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, etc.) is one of the most competitive industries on the planet for PPC? Fortunately, we pioneered many of the bidding and keyword strategies agencies use when trying to compete with us. Our clients regularly report ten-fold returns on their PPC investments. PPC isn’t cheap, but it’s a tried and true way of delivering results. We’ve written about it extensively here.

Pros: Nearly Instant Results, Empowers Clients to Find You When They Need You

Cons: Must Be Budged For & Consistently Managed, Competitive

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