Idaho SB1057

The Insured Homeowner Protection Act (Idaho SB 1057) is currently making rounds through the Idaho Senate. If passed, SB 1057 will permanently alter both how Assignment of Benefits work for Restorers and how a Restorer gets paid. Most importantly, however, SB 1057 removes current rights and protections from homeowners and gives more power to insurers.

Idaho SB 1057’s Sponsor & Author

Who sponsors Idaho SB 1057? According the bill’s fiscal note, an organization called the American Property and Casualty Insurance Association is listed as the contact. One must be a member of the APCIA in order to view their Board of Directors, but, interestingly the APCIA also runs a political PAC. This PAC (called the Voice of America’s Insurers) does make their Board of Directors public. You can view their directory of board members here and their current political donations here.

The APCIA’s Voice of America’s Insurers is a Who’s Who of insurance executives. These execs represent companies such as Eerie, Amerisure, Farm Bureau and Geico — just to name a few.

We’ll also point out that one of the recipient’s of Voice of America’s Insurers political donations is Sen. Mike Crapo (R).

You can view the bill in its entirety below or download it for your own reference. We encourage you to read and understand the bill and, if you agree with the dangers this bill creates, reach out your legislature.

Idaho SB 1057


Click here to download a PDF of Idaho Senate Bill 1057:

Idaho SB 1057