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  • My name is Kevin. My wife and I own United Fire & Water Damage We have been in the water and fire damage restoration industry since 1998. Since the start of my business we have tried many avenues to gain more water damage work – including, but not limited to – buying (two separate) franchise opportunities. Neither worked out.

    We have done plumbers cash referral programs, and we have given away two four wheelers as incentives to plumbers. We have two continuing education classes for licensed realtors, and insurance professionals. During one of the courses we actually flood a section of our facility and we walk attendees through all of the steps required to restore a property – this is great for building credibility for your company.

    Both of these sales strategies have worked for us…. But it took some effort. We had to schedule and promote CE classes. We had to promote our cash referral programs to plumbers. We had to pay out the cash referral fees. And we had to pay sales people to do a lot of this work.

    All of this combined last year to roughly 25% of our total revenue.

    In 2011 I met Jonathan Grubb. Jon has been instrumental in developing our company’s on line presence – from website development, to pay per click campaign management. Jon has also developed an app for mobile users so that they can submit a work order for our service right from their phone.

    Last year our web based presence produced just shy of 40% of our total revenue.

    Dollar for dollar – this is very effective marketing. I didn’t have to teach a CE course or buy lunch for the 30 people attending my class. I didn’t have to track down every plumber that showed up at a supply house and try to convince him that he should send business to my company. I didn’t have to pay a sales person to do any of this either…

    Last year our web based presence produced just shy of 40% of our total revenue.
    United Restorers brings great value to my company – it is the best marketing that my company can do. I create exposure for my company to the 700,000 people in the Baton Rouge market – around the clock. I have the option of sitting in the 1st position on the 1st page of Google whenever I would like through Jon’s pay per click program. And if I get too busy I can scale down or turn off the program entirely. And when I want it back on – it’s as easy as an email or phone call to Jon.

    I recommend United Restorers to any restoration contractors (outside of my market).

    I am available personally to discuss this with you – just Google “water damage baton rouge” – you’ll find contact info for United Fire & Water Damage of LA, LLC on the first page multiple times.

    Kevin H., President United Fire  & Water Damage
  • After having some success with the ‘pay per call’ outfits I wanted to grow my online business.  I had an Adwords account and was spending somewhere around $1500/mo but with limited results.

    I knew my ad with the pay per call guys sitting atop the Adwords page (I could see them) and that was fine, and I was going to get the call (for $350).  All the while my personally managed Adwords link was sitting at the bottom of the page with no action.

    So, I found United Restorers.  With the mantra “If you’re not first, you’re last” we decided to pick off the the #1 position.

    (Had to tweak my website to get it ready for the campaign; $2k investment)

    Our spend: $4250/mo

    Month 1: quiet, I didn’t expect anything (I wasn’t getting results previously anyway).  Confirmed 1 MIT made back investment.

    Month 2: Better, nothing earth-shattering.  Probably doubled to tripled our investment.

    Month 3: Landed a Commercial loss on a Friday ($30k) and another the following Monday for $16k (MIT value only).

    On month 4 now.

    We paid for the entire year in a week.

    1. Have your website ready
    2. Be willing to do it for 90 days (or don’t do it)
    3. You have to answer the phone and close the job.
    4. We paid for the entire year in a week.

    True story.

    Shane O., Owner Simple Solutions
  • United Restorers has been instrumental in taking my business to an entirely new level.  As an independent company, who does not participate in any program work, leads mean everything to sustain the business.

    The results from their efforts have more than payed for themselves and we are ALWAYS the number one ad on Google.  The fact that it is literally like having a light switch to activate or suspend the campaign provides the protection required to ensure we are not paying for leads during high business volume.  I highly recommend Jonathan and his team at United Restorers.

    Bryan D.

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